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The area that now called Nubia extends along the Nile from the South of Aswan to the town of Dabba, near the Fourth cataract in the northern part of the Nile valley to the Sudan in the South. In 1898, work started on the construction of the High Dam, the dam reduced the annual Nile flooding and improved irrigation. However, it also changed the traditional way of life of the Nubian people, In 1907 the Egyptian Government decided to increase the height of the dam at Aswan up to seven meters, in order that a much greater volume of water might be stored upstream of it. This involved the submersion of the valley and the cultivated land on either bank. Between 1929 and 1934, the height of the dam was raised further, reaching its maximum height of 41.5m. This meant the water would reach as far as the Sudanese border, so that area was submerged with its monuments and the Nubian people have to leave their houses, some of them went to live in Aswan and some went to Sudan.

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