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How do you freeze off warts? One way doctors can remove warts is by freezing them. This is also known as cryotherapy. During treatment, a doctor directly applies liquid nitrogen, a very cold substance, to the warts. This causes the warts to freeze off.
What happens if you pick a wart? If you cut or scratch your skin, be sure to use soap and water because open wounds are more at risk for warts and other infections. If you do have a wart, don't rub, scratch, or pick at it or you may spread the virus to another part of your body or cause the wart to become infected.
Do warts recur? Your body's immune system can usually get rid of any tiny bits of wart that may be left after a wart has been treated. Genital warts are more likely to come back because there's no cure for the virus that causes them. They also may come back because warts are more difficult to control in a moist environment.
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